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Shampoo and styling instruction
– Recommend using cool and lukewarm water.
– Shampoo (no higher than ph7) & Condition the hair at least once a week .
1.Dilute 1oz if shampoo in a bowl with a pint of warm water.
2.Sponge the shampoo into the hair .
3.Shampoo the hair going in a downward motion and rinse thoroughly. Do not massage the hair.
4. Apply conditioner and comb hair , from the ends working your way up to the weft. Rinse thoroughly.
5. Natural air dry to maintain natural and original curl shape
6.Comb and brush your hair extension from the bottom of tresses working your way up to the weft. Always be gentle. (Do not comb curly style hair , finger combing recommended)
7.Avoid heavy and oily styling aid products to achieve Natural style.
8.Avoid using volumizing shampoo. It can easily frizz out the hair .
9.Do not use heated styling tools when hair is wet. This will damage the hair and transform the original hair style.

Provide enough nutrition for the hair by treating the hair with essential treatment.

It is recommended to use a developer liquid of 20volume(6%) and 30volume(9%) of product and not 40volume(12%) to maintain hair’s healthy condition.

Dry hair completely.

Do not exceed 20 minutes after applying bleach chemical on the hair.

After bleaching, make sure to put the hair in cold water for a while and rinse thoroughly to close the cuticle.

Dry the hair with cold wind or air dry. Apply treatment at least once a week to maintain good condition.

Frequently treat the hair with essential treatment.

Apply nutritional treatment in between bleaching. One day after, apply one more time in same way.

The color comes out lighter in temperature between 85°F to 104°F while applying the bleach chemical.

(Please seek a professional for color)

1. Please kindly use hair conditioner after shampooing it, after all, it has already lost its nutrition, you have to take care of it just like your own hair, if not, the hair will become dry and tangled.

What’s more, for curly or deep wavy, please use curl defining products to maintain the shape.

2. Please do not keep your hair too dry, use a little hair conditioner, then use your hand to treat as the following pictures, do not use the comb or your hand to run through your body & curly hair.

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